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I don't own a hot rod, I don't own a classic car , and truthfully, I'm not that mechanically inclined...


Why then, do I think I should publish a car/truck/bike magazine?


My formative years were spent in the driveway and basement of my parent's house watching my dad build, wrench, scrap, curse at, and flip cars and trucks. When I was 6 years old he brought a '33 Ford shell home on a flat bed. That's it, nothing more. Several months later he had built his first hot rod with suicide doors and everything he could scavenge out of a '67 Pontiac. At the age of '68 he traded his mildly customized '91 Chevy Silverado for a 1926 "Doctor's" Model 'T' rat rod that he helped build at his friends custom speed shop; it was chopped 8" and sectioned 4". I joked that he was 68 going on 18...


Dad refused to let me "get into cars" as he wanted me to get an education. I did just that, but ultimately lost touch with the hot rod world from the late 80's to early 2010's. It was a trip to Havana, Cuba in 2011 with my future wife, Tracy, that reignited my passion for classic cars. I came back from Havana with an idea to start a niche car photography business - I wanted to photograph hotrods. I believed the years spent in my parent's driveway provided me an insight and understanding of what goes into the building, restoring, and customizing of cars, trucks and bikes; this is what I attempt to capture at every shoot.


Since the summer of 2011 I've been known as "the guy from HiDefRods Photography." Through chance meetings of people like Winnie and Woody Wood, Greg Turner, Joe Savoie, Bill Doherty, and Terry Denomme, I believe that I have become one of the "go-to" photographers for high quality prints and one-of-a-kind automobile photography art. While I love the opportunities I get from Radical SpeedSport, the Atlantic Nationals, and Canadian HotRod and Bone Stock magazines, as well as producing collages, and designing show boards, I feel there's more I can contribute to this motorized hobby and the passionate folks that are the driving force behind it, particularly in the Maritimes!!.


Therefore, I've decided to produce a Maritime-Canada-focused Rod and Custom magazine. Over the past eight years I've seen many vehicles that I think are "magazine worthy." My goals are to capture the vehicles of Maritime Canada, the details that make them so unique, and the stories behind them and their owners. Please join me in this new chapter for HiDefRods Photography!!!

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